Shadian, a war between Communists and Muslims in China 1975

During the Cultural Revolution, communists were supposed to eliminate all religious and old cultures, including Confucious, Christianity, Buddism, and Muslim as well.

The communist army put pigs' heads in the Muslim community’s well. The tension kept growing, the Muslim elite from Shadian went to Beijing to talk about the situation with communist leaders, and when they came back they knew the situation was going to be worse. Obviously, they felt what was going to happen, one of the elites begged their Muslim people to send women and children out, but people were so angry and refused and thought he has betrayed them. He said if they have to fight he would fight to the death and he did.

Communists planned to use 3 hours to clean the village with army and weapons, but the first 100 commies soldiers were almost all killed when they went into the village immediately, only 3 survived and fled. Muslims were prepared very well, they had underground factories to make guns and their firepower supported each other very well. Communists used 7 days and 8 nights instead of 3 hours, and burned everything in the village.

I heard a witness within the Communist party talking about this incident that few know, link on youtube:

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