Amazing ultimate note tool: Dynalist

Dynalist is one of the most helpful tools for me nowadays, no matter code, work notes, daily notes such as training records, prayer list etc. All stuff can be handled within it.

I used to use OneNote when I was in University, everyone knows how powerful it is. The downside is obvious, it’s too heavy. I need a better tool to write everything down quickly and jump to everywhere with a keyboard.

It doesn’t have any limit on item. We can put pictures in there with markdown syntax, web, file and inner links are smooth, it also supports code highlight recently, a huge boost. To be honest, I can’t find shortcoming currently, maybe the dynalist pro is too expensive? Even that can be handled with the help of Autohotkey.

The only two things I need from Pro plan is ‘attachment image’ and ‘custom shortcuts’. Both can be fixed with other tools.

  • For images:On windows I use Lightscreen, On Linux is Flameshot, both can take screenshots, upload pictures and give the link back to your clipboard smoothly, all you need is a shortcut to put it in Dynalist.
  • Autohotkey on windows or Autokey on Linux can handle shortcut, here’s another post to show the scripts.