Lead us not into temptation, block apps recommended

We all tend to do the easy and familiar things, I can’t do lots of difficult things myself. Our goal is to make things that matter effortless. How can we do a valuable and difficult thing(at least we believe it’s difficult now) more easily and effortlessly, and how can we keep away from temptation not by our so-called self-control, but by an environment that makes us far away from temptation.

I found it’s extremely helpful to use some block apps and extensions to help us to build such an environment. I use appblock on my Android phone and a free extension LeechBlock to block apps and websites that I tend to waste time on. I also found it’s extremely helpful to create multiple detailed rules, it’s also good to adjust them accordingly when we failed.

Nowadays I need to recharge my phone to change some settings, and when I type YouTube on my laptop out of the dinner hours(after 7 pm), it will redirect me to my personal website, I even can’t go to the extension page to close it easily.

Don’t assume it’s useless. Oh but I will do everything I can to unblock it, no you won’t. You need to make good things extremely easily accessible, there’s downloaded good books on your devices, and write down the reasons to read them. When you can’t open those wasting time websites, you open your books and gradually the feeling of control grows.