Floating typing- the proper ergonomic typing posture

Regarding the height of the seat and the height of the screen, I won’t talk about it. Everyone understands it and it’s easy to adjust it.

I will focus on a very critical point here, and the majority don’t know how to do it properly, which is the height position of the arm and wrist when using the keyboard and mouse.

Generally speaking, most people, including me, put their arms on the table and their wrists on the table or hand rest. This is really not too bad at first, but it is easy to get neck pain or wrist pain after sitting for a long time.

After my careful study, the correct posture is as follows. The most important thing is to have the correct height and then float the wrist. Only fingers are in contact with the keyboard. Do not touch any armrests or tables in any other position. The same is true when using a standing desk, the shoulders and necks are comfortable after I get used to this position. It’s just the same logic as you are playing the piano. I wish I know it when I’m younger, but it’s never too late to learn.