Your private feeling is a public thing

Why does Wittgenstein reject the possibility of private language? As Kenny put it, “Even to think falsely that something is S, I must know the meaning of S; and this is what Wittgenstein argues is impossible in the private language.” Because there is no way to check the meaning (or use) of S apart from that private ostensive act of definition, it is not possible to know what S means.

Our personal feeling is important, but can also be misleading if we create a belief based on a temporary feeling. The way we humans can use language to talk and understand each other is because there’s something among us in common. Suppose a feeling that is purely private, then it can not be talked about by language at all. Remember I can even share my strange feeling with God the moment He touched me.

The tendency to make things personally or privately, in a potenially publich topic, is a tendency to refuse to communicate and a pure self-denfense.

“I know my own feeling, I like to achieve something in the morning.”

It’s indeed feeling good when we complete something, but the feeling should ultimately come from God as He already has done everything, and we do things happily as we already feel satisfied from God, not because we lack that satisfied feeling so we need to do something, as it can easily become a burden, and we can all easily rely on ourselves instead of God to gain the feeling. For e.g., to reduce my sleep for 10 mins to read the Bible is a good thing in God’s eyes? In sleep God recovers my body, maybe a long sleep is a better accomplishment in God’s eyes, it relates to the energy level, the skin, the control of my diet, the attitude towards others, and the time to read. If I’m tired I can’t read any books on the train.

“I may not need much sleep but can feel refreshed after a walk.”

It’s true that we can feel good in short after a walk, but a walk is not a period of sleep. We all know how sleepy we are when we don’t have enough sleep sometimes.

“I usually feel good in the morning, so morning is important, and time after work I’m tired because of work”.

There’s another way to consider, every minute is as precious as the morning, and we can feel good the whole day potentially, even though we can’t make it. (Nobody can). But I believe it’s good to stop thinking that you can only feel good in the morning, even though you feel this way for the moment. Work doesn’t necessarily make us tired. Don’t believe you are lazy or lack self-control. When I have bad sleep or have a big meal in KFC, it’s so obvious that I’m easier to have even more instant food, just want to waste my time on Twitter and youtube the whole night, don’t want to do exercise at all. I don’t buy I’m lazy, I think of my sleep last night or the food I chose. Why I had a bad sleep, maybe I had a late dinner with too much meat or read some rubbish articles on media before bed, then I knew I would follow my bed routine more strictly and keep away from the screen before bed.