Career serves relationship

In the Bible I learn that God values us not for our strength or our brains but simply because He has made us. Who knows, in His eyes, a half-wit may be worth more than a watchmaker. Or - a lieutenant. The Hiding place

To put it simply, I believe the most important thing is the relationship with God and the people around us, not our personal achievement or career.

A career indeed is extremely important, but still, we need to ask ourselves, why in my heart do I feel a career is so important to me? Especially if we don’t have peace when we think about it sometimes, at least I did very often! We ask God to give us a good job to flee from our current situation or to pursue the happiness we believe in, but God may ask us to gratefully accept what we have right now, and totally rely on him peacefully, and do whatever in his peace.

Remember my life and testimony, I need a UK-sponsored job desperately and failed. God created a situation to let me only pursue him alone, (this job at first didn’t provide sponsorship nor have a good salary), and I knew him more through my experience.

God supplied grace for the present need. How many of our worries belong today? We have faith, food to eat, a bed to sleep, have a job, and keep a good relationship with people around us.

How many of our anxieties are we running ahead of God’s supply? I have nothing to worry about if I can change my job, or not, as my career is to help me serve God, not the other way round, and God is with me so I have everything I need to shine wherever I go. I can try things myself, but I need to do it in the peace of God, not “to save myself with my career” as I tend to believe unconsciously.

Remember I mentioned, If I have permanent residency in the UK, I will be a free man. It looks so true, but it’s also a lie as I’m already free in faith and I need to take it more deeply. In the worst situation, I need to go back to China and get stuck there, or what if there are some extreme political movements or a war? But I need to accept all these possibilities faithfully to feel the peace of God. As it may also be a great opportunity to share gospels.

Anyway, God is with us, I have no reason to worry.