The unfairness of the world and the fairness of God

The main purpose of this article is to refute the following statement.

“It is more that society shouldn’t judge other people to certain standards, e.g. Your value does not come from your intellectual ability because those who are not intellectual will still be gifted elsewhere. "

Jesus judges all humans to a standard that no one can ever achieve and claims everyone is sinful and deserves hell without him. The judgment of Jesus is righteous, and most of the time the standards of society is unfair, but I want to build a connection here: Because of the looks-like-unfair but ultimate fair judgment of Jesus, we have full of what we need to face any unfairness or judgment in the world.

About society shouldn’t judge people to certain standards. One example shortly, universities choose students based mainly on their academic score, which may not be fair to students who are not good at exams. When we oppose anything, we better propose what’s the alternative or what a person should do instead. What we have is usually the best we can achieve for the moment even though you can easily find 10000 faults in it, and it’s the people who oppose it, their responsibility to make changes to the current system or give specific suggestions to people who are in the system. Incomplete justice is also justice, and a relatively better justice cannot be denied by saying it’s incomplete justice.

I can’t see any unfairness in this basic logic: group chooses member based on certain standards which only suits certain people. A computer science degree needs a math background otherwise one may not understand much in class. If a person is good at piano, I don’t think a music university requires a high math score. One step further, you don’t have to follow the current social standard (university system here), many people may agree that the current education system is meaningless or unfair to them, and they are free to quit and make a life without degrees.

One step further, for sure there are unfair standards in society and people almost have no way else to choose. In modern China, there’s a time when people are not chosen by academic score or exams, but purely by family. My father is a poor farmer then I’m good and may have the opportunity to have an education, his grandfather was a landlord so he’s bad and may end up in camps. (红五类Five red categories黑五类Five black categories). School, job, army, party, everything is almost determined by family background based on these kinds of standards. The current system in China looks like heaven compared to that time, even though we still have abundant reasons to complain about how bad it is. To blame others/environment is easy, and usually doesn’t help much. If there’s one reason why people in China live such difficult lives nowadays and most of history, I’d say it’s we and our parents, grandparents, and ancestors are so good at blaming others instead of taking responsibility ourselves, especially among people who may have the potential to bring changes.

Another further step here, “society shouldn’t judge other people to certain standards” indicate that there’s unfairness in society, and society or others should improve somehow. Humans always have such a tendency: lucky people want to prove it’s not their luck but they are supposed to be this good for many reasons, their hard-working or ability or morality or whatever goodness in them. Bad lucky people want to find something to prove I’m not evil or lazy or talentless, it’s nothing about me but mainly because of unfair environment or bad luck. They both make a lot of sense, and both go in a dangerous direction. Marxism is based on this human need and it fits the deep desire of most Chinese people: it’s of course mainly others’ faults, now we know it’s the western and capitalist’s fault. Blaming others or something out of our control is usually similar or just one step from blaming God. This kind of tendency is what Jewish-Christian tradition trying to overcome the most: even though Job can’t understand clearly why he’s been treated like this, he chose to praise God. Jesus alone doesn’t here to condemn how bad and sinful society is, he suffered the most and faces the ultimate unfairness as he’s the only one without sin, he died on the cross himself to make it possible for us to follow him. Ultimately, there are only two directions to praise or blame, myself or God. Anything like society or others or a big environment that I can’t control is part of God’s plan. If people want to praise, they should praise God instead of themselves. If people want to blame, they should blame only themselves instead of God.

The world is full of crazy suffering and unfairness. If we focus on unfairness, the feeling of unfairness relates to suffering. In the book of Job, why a perfect man can suffer as such. This book is talking about Jewish people, as well as all humankind. The ultimate question to Jewish people is not why can’t build a great country and achieve righteousness, but why good people suffer and bad people win. Why people chosen by God is not the winner of the world, but full of suffering and persecution. The nobles in the Spring and Autumn Period, like the aristocrat of traditional France and England, understand that it is their mission to bear the war and death for other common people. In a similar way, Jesus ate his death and faced the ultimate unfairness to cover our sin. Christian as people chosen by God, our call is not to enjoy the world as an easy winner, but to understand the responsibility and to bear suffering and evil in the world. This kind of evil and suffering is not anything humans can improve, can’t be changed by any science or knowledge or supreme court in the US. If the UN and education try to tell us, with the build of the UN and the demise of Nazi, with our reflection and human progress, the holocaust will never happen again and humans will be happier. That’s just a shallow fantasy. There’s no such justice and human can never achieve such justice. A group of people thinks that they can eliminate the evil, but they usually only replace the original evil with another form of evil, if not make things worse. The answer to the ultimate evil and suffering, can’t be answered with paper and pen, but by living out our lives with God.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Yes definitely your value does not come from your intellectual ability, but I don’t think the value is from gifted elsewhere either. Most of us will never be geniuses in any aspect of life. Einstein didn’t write that original sentence, in 1952 he wrote: “There are only a few enlightened people with a lucid mind and style and with good taste within a century. What has been preserved of their work belongs among the most precious possessions of mankind.”

The value of a person does not come from any of his abilities, so one person doesn’t have the burden to prove he has such a gift or to boost if he’s lucky enough. The value of a person is purely from God! Jesus paid the infinite price so each person’s life has an infinite price, potentially as precious as Jesus’s life, and that price can’t be determined by anything human-made or created.