Mom, let me take the blame for Dad's mistakes

Dad shared such a little story recently.

The couple quarrelled, and the child ran around and found out: you two are not fighting again!

He ran to his dad, “Dad, dad, you just apologize to mom, you guys make up!” Dad sighed sadly and shook his head, “Your mom is not even talking to me right now.”

The child rushed to mom’s side again, “Mom, mom, you make up with dad, dad is not coming to talk now, but I know his heart is weeping! Mommy, my good mommy, if you must punish, let me take the blame for daddy’s fault, let me take the blame! Let you two make up!”

Here I would like to share another story that Zhang Xueliang told about his old man Zhang Zuolin, a legendary warlord, who was most proud of his life.

This is one of my father’s favourite stories to tell me. My father had a dozen guns, but this man Haishazi had more than 20.

He passed by a village (the place where I was born, called Bajiaotai, now called Taian County) and asked for a toll. My father refused, saying, “We are the insurance team here, why should you ask for money to pass through here?” Haishazi said, “If you don’t pay, I’ll fight!” My father said, “I have taken the money of this village, so I have to be responsible for the safety of this village. If we fight, this village will be disrupted. Only the two of us can fight each other, okay? If you kill me, the village will be yours; if I kill you, your men will be mine.”

As a result, my father received a bullet in his body, and he killed Hai with one shot, and all of Haishazi’s men were given to my father. The gunshot wound on my father’s body was the result of this.

Another story from Story FM, E531. A teenage gambler’s addiction and repentance.

After I lost my dad’s medical bills gambling. I had a friend who called me to go for a drink together. I went, I said my father was sick, and I did not tell him about my gambling, I said I needed a sum of money to treat my father, my friend was very generous, he said you take me to the hospital, to see your father. I then took him to the hospital. See then my friend very righteous provided me with 15,000 yuan, he said to help your father is important. I am very grateful to him even now.

At that time my father sat on top of the hospital bed if he want to go to the toilet, at the beginning he couldn’t even go down to walk.

One night, it was 2:00 in the morning. I was listening to a song, looking out the window, and I don’t know what I was thinking, but I felt that there was no hope for my life.

At that time my father sat up and told me that he said he might drag me down in this life, that he might not be able to help me anymore, that he might need my caring in the future, and that my father said that it was not possible, he would die and forget it. He suddenly looked up at me and said that you should live well and cherish all the hard-earned things in this world, you feel that it may be too late, but in fact, when you feel you are too late it is not too late, you still have a way to remedy the situation.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. That night my dad had no phone bill and wanted to ask me for some money to fill it. I can’t get that money, I can’t even get a few dozen dollars out.

The reason is that I have asked all my friends to lend money everywhere because of online gambling, and I have no friends around me anymore. I can’t even lend 50 yuan (5 pounds), really I can’t even lend 50 yuan. I was too embarrassed to call the friend who lent me 15,000 yuan for medical expenses and said can you lend me 50 yuan to charge my phone bill, which would be too funny.

My dad said it’s okay, life will get better, my dad said I’m all like this, I’m not even panicking, what are you worried about? You did it wrong, just the things you’ve done, you may be able to succeed someday later.

**My dad just always believed in me. **

**That time I started to slowly change. **

Love only happens between people: like a child who is willing to take the punishment for his father; like Zhang Zuolin who is willing to put his life alone at risk so that his folks would be spared from the guns; like a father who always trusts his son to come back.

It was out of love for us that Jesus willingly went to the cross and bore all the guilt we deserved so that our sins might be forgiven. There was no righteous man, not one, but through the love of Jesus, that those who believe in Him should not perish but have eternal life.