Why do you believe there's nothing after life without proof

From a casual chat with a friend, here are my responds to some common topics about faith.

All religions are good, all about love and peace.

I don’t think Branch Davidians is a good religion. They are also trying to pursue their own truth, they may find something that fits them so we need to respect them even though they may kill children if necessary. I don’t agree with that. The Quran itself, although talks a lot about peace and love, justifies violence in so many places. Taliban is not just a radical group within Islam world, but devout Muslims who want to take their faith and the book of Quran seriously. Not all Muslims are pro Taliban, but there are many other movements within fundamental Muslim that hate western and christianity. Taliban is not the only representative of Orthodox Muslim, however, what they are doing is within the mainstream Islam. Taliban’s money come from selling drugs, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Islam groups etc. You definitely know more than me, Islam theology divides the world into 2 categories, the house of Islam and the house of war.

Another point, the assumption that all religions are towards something higher together, all about love, or there’s only one true God behind all religions, makes this assumption itself higher than all religions and actually against most of them, makes itself a belief without a holy book to support it.

Islam is the spiritual higher form than Christian? Like Judaism is a primary school, christian a high school and muslim an university

From what I heard, Islam actually going back to many issues we encounter in old testament. There doesn’t seem to be any progress from the teaching of Jesus Christ to Islam. I talked about sin to my tunisia friend. I don’t think if we admit humans are sinful, there’s a way towards freedom apart from Jesus.

I do feel interested in Muslims. I believe we talked about Xinjiang camps before? My province Shaanxi is located in the middle of north west Muslims culture and central plains Han Chinese culture, in the history there were many huge massacres between two groups in our area. If anything happens, our hometown is gonna be the frontline to pay the debt again. In my opinion, only Muslims and christian have more chances to survive in a possible huge disaster in such a society realistically.


It is easy for modern people to dismiss the crusades. Such judgments, however, tell us more about the observer, who are based on uniquely modern (and, therefore, Western) values. If people use war to force others to believe Christian, it’s obviously against the teaching of Jesus. Another point is, among all history wars, even religions related wars, there has been so much research and discussion about crusades in the modern era is interesting in itself. Lots people and even most young people in China themselves don’t know about the most devastating famine in 1960.

The meaningless chat without action

People like to talk about love. Here in this little town, our pastor delivers nearly outdated food from supermarkets to poor people for years. Nobody wants to do that, even among so-called christian - it’s a heavy duty, and it’s definitely a practice of Jesus' love, he also delivers food to those Muslims refugees. I know a bit about China’s modern history and society. People don’t have strong natural communities based on religion, but usually only have very weak connections out of the family. Everyone just needs to be responsible for himself or just family. It’s an extremely weak society and can easily be fucked by communists. Among the most difficult times, christian church still existed secretly, even though son may sell his mom and send her to death penalty, for she spoke bad words towards Mao at home. In those times we know more deeply about what trust and love is.

Atheist or secularist associations are extremely vulnerable and have little resistance to stress, either in the natural or social environment. The future of the human community usually depends not on how well you perform at your most prosperous moments, but on how well you resist hardship at your worst.

Justification of violence and Quran, there are clear teaching for believers to do it.

The violence in old testament of Bible, however, is a totally different topic, we all agree how important the context is. Let alone it’s extremely clear in new testament. You shall love your enemies. So there’s no group of christian can use violence towards ordinary people randomly and claim they are reasonably based on the teaching of Jesus. Of course there are some extreme groups or people that comprise terrorism acts who claim they are christian, the point is there’s no single verse that justify it in new testament reasonably.